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Cute shoes!

Help out your buddy here by bidding on these cute shoes!


Sorry for the crappy pics. #ootd from Thursday.
Details in case you have trouble seeing cuz of the bad pics:
Pink, green, yellow and black.John Deere “love” hoodie - Tractor Supply Co.
Olive leggings; pink, green and red Hello Kitty Christmas socks - Walmart.
Gorgeous, comfy tobacco winter boots and pink lace camisole - Lane Bryant
Pink leopard gem heart necklace - Hot topic.
Green and pink makeup - me with pink lipstick and lipgloss by Revlon.


That’s the title of my ootd.
Yes, that’s candy rings, pink lashed and blue eyeliner. If I felt more energetic, I’d have been more over the top.


So every year in Elgin, we have the Hogeye Festival. Pig everything (We are the sausage capital of Texas). BBQ cookoff, arts and crafts, a kids’ costume contest, live music, a car show, cow party bingo, etc. We elect King Hog and the Sowpremes. You’re supposed to wear pink. Try to dress like a pig. So that’s where I was Saturday. Looking adorbs. Oink.


Half-assed #ootd pic. Dig my #pink and #purple #ombre #nails.


Dig my sweet new #pink, #purple, #blue and #black #tresses (and ignore my shoddy #Dutchbraid).


1; I even look cute when I go to bed.
2; I am loving this pink covergirl lipgloss I got at Walmart for $5.
3; Dig my cute new eye mask ($1) and black tee ($3) I got at Walmart too! I lurves ma bargains!


My #Fluttershy themed #ootd + the awesome #skaisttaylor bear hat I got at target for $11 later. Adorbs.


Part 2 of my #ootd post for day 25 of #sarasinstagramchallenge “Christmas.” Had to share my #adorable #pink #HelloKitty themed #pajamas .
I forget where the #tank is from. Probably JCPenney (thats where I get most of my #HK #pjs stuff).
The pink and #lavender #snowflake pants are from #Walmart; I got them at their #BlackFriday #sale for $5.
The #slippers are from #Target.
Yup. Just as you expected, I’m even adorable when I’m #sleeping.
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Posting two #ootd s for day 25 of #sarasinstagramchallenge , “Christmas.” My first is what I wore all day.
Lacy got me THREE t-shirts from #WeLoveFine (of my three fave #ponies , Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), so I had to wear one today. I love the #anime themed #PinkiePie one so I built my outfit around it. The pink #shoes and Pinkie #socks are from #HotTopic and the pink #scarf is a special holiday gift from #CharlotteRusse that a friend gave me.

Photo Set


Today’s Style: Lolita Bones

  • Vest: Lolita Candy by Lip Service
  • Tie: Inkblot Damask by Cyberoptix
  • Brooch: Custom
  • Shirt: Polo
  • Cufflinks: Express
  • Pants: Express
  • Shoes: Robert Wayne

I’m feeling extremely depressed right now. I know a lot of my followers have experienced depression or are experiencing it right now, and we know how debilitating it can be. My brain lies to me and tells me that I am a burden on my friends. I feel alone. Fragile. Broken and pathetic. This morning, I wanted to do two things. I wanted to reflect my depression, but also to remind myself that there are positive things that are true. I am loved by my friends and family. That I am doing my best. I have value. 

To accomplish that, I knew I wanted to incorporate skeletons and bones into my outfit. I did that with the brooch I made, my cufflinks and my belt. But I also wanted to use pink to remind myself that it’s not all dark. I broke out my Lolita Candy vest and my Inkblot Damask tie for that aspect. I also chose a brooch that was a skeleton, but also pink. 

It’s not much, but sometimes the little details help.

Everything about this guy is precious.

Also, warmed my heart because I have been so depressed today.

Source: sinistersartorialist
Photo Set


Today’s Style: Part 11 of the X-Men challenge from leahstuff, Anonymous and licensetocreep. Jubilee.

  • Goggles: Restoration Hardware 
  • Tie: Inkblot Damask by Cyberoptix
  • Vest: Lolita Candy by Lip Service
  • Shirt: Express
  • Gloves: Borrowed
  • Pants: Express
  • Shoes: Giorgio Brutini

What, what, what are you wearing, Jubilee? A yellow raincoat, dishwashing gloves and jean shorts do not go together. NO! Bad Jubilee!

For my version of Jubilee, I pulled back a lot. No raincoat for starters. The dishwashing gloves became fingerless gloves. Her ubiquitous sunglasses became goggles. The jean shorts became black pinstripe pants. Her pink top became a pink tie and pink striped vest.  It’s a lot different, so I hope you all like it!

I love this guy’s style, and I *try* not to fangirl too much.

But the goggles + that hair = exponentially more adorable. XD

I’m so sorry.

Source: sinistersartorialist